Commercial Roof Repair & Maintenance

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Maintain your roof, so you don't have to replace it

Alternatives to Replacement

Our signature PVR Plan, a preventative maintenance & investment protection program, provides customizable annual or semi-annual roof inspections including photo documentation, roof reports, proactive maintenance, and cleaning of debris at time of  inspection, which will help keep you in compliance with the “Owner Responsibility” manufacturer recommendations.

Benefits of PVR Maintenance Program

Fix Small Issues Before They Becomes Expensive Problems

PVR Maintenance Plan Benefits:

Biannual Multi-Point Inspections

24/7 Priority Repair Response

Reduced Hourly Rate

Faster Claims

Detailed Reporting

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Preventative Roof Maintenance

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Maintain & Repair To Avoid Damage

Identify & Repair Roof Leaks

85% of roof leaks are caused by necessary roof penetration. These penetrations are considered maintenance items and the owner’s responsibility.  Penetrations are sealed and flashed upon installation, but these deteriorate over time due to harsh weather and constant UV exposure.

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