Leaves are falling! That means that even more debris will build up on your roof and gutters. What might surprise you is that something as benign as fallen leaves can damage your roof and cause you major headaches and repairs. Here are a few best practices for keeping your roofing system clear to provide you peace of mind this season:

If your commercial roof is low-slope:

  1. Inspect areas around HVAC units.
  2. Check for organic debris build-up.
  3. Monitor roofing around skylights or diffusers.
  4. Review any high-traffic areas.

If your commercial roof is sloped:

  1. Carefully assess roofing materials .
  2. Inspect any seams or flashing.
  3. Investigate the roof deck.
  4. Examine inside areas close to the roof.

For your residential roof:

  1. Identify possible build-up
  2. Use ladders with caution
  3. Clean the leaves from the gutters
  4. Spray the spouts
  5. Schedule an Inspection

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